Friday, 23 October 2009

Don't be scared of Halloween

The kids have broken up for half term - and usually at this time of year they have a Halloween party to look forward to. Being a Muddled Mum I usually find myself buying ill fitting costumes at the very last minute - when all the best costumes have been snapped up by more organised mothers.

But this year - things were different!

Oh yes - as soon as those costumes appeared in the stores I bought two. I was ready!

Which is why I'm so appalled that the school has decided against holding the annual Halloween party this year. Apparently a concern was raised as to whether it was appropriate for a C of E school to be celebrating a Pagan festival.

Had they done their homework properly, they would have discovered that most of the mythology concerning Halloween is incorrect. Halloween comes from early Catholic beliefs that you could pray your deceased relatives out of heaven's waiting room (known as pergatory).

With the festivals of All Saints and All Souls (or Hallows) days on the way in early November, Halloween was the Eve of All Hallows.

But let's face it dressing the kids up as witches, vampires and demons is no more likely to turn them into mini Pagans or Satanists than dressing them up as Spiderman is going to turn them into arachnids.

And you can also be sure that fears of creeping Paganism will fade when it comes to Christmas and Easter. As far as I'm aware, Santa, baubles and pine trees have nothing to do with the birth of Christ and neither do chocolate eggs and bunnies have anything to do with his death and resurrection.

So here's a plea for next year - please keep things in perspective and let the kids dress up and have some harmless fun.

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  1. My little one is being Christened on All Saints Day... not intentional! My sister and her twins (6 year olds) will be staying with and I was looking forward to getting the toffee apples and trick a'treat fun for Halloween. I was, that is, until I found out that she doesn't celebrate it. Boo hiss!