Friday, 15 January 2010

Should I force my son to wear a hat and scarf?

He's six years old - and for some reason he's decided that he hates hats and scarves. He'll wear gloves without a problem - but flat refuses a hat and scarf.

Through the recent cold spell - it's been a bit of a problem. Myself and my three year old, heading out, wrapped up in layer upon layer of clothing... my eldest, with his coat unzipped, looking freezing.

Before I had kids, I would have said, 'Make him wear a hat - you're his mother - you're the adult!' But now I realise that it's just not that easy.

I tried for a while - but decided that the daily fights were just not worth it - and besides - my victory was pointless as he never wore his hat at playtime and generally tried to lose it by hometime - so I'd end up scouring the classroom for it every afternoon.

I've given up - he's cold - I look like I'm a neglectful mother - but at least we can leave the house without fighting every morning!

Am I right to let him have his own way - or should I force him to wrap up?

Monday, 11 January 2010

Snow happy

My kids adore the snow... it was fantastic to see them; their faces pressed up against the window, watching the snow flakes fall like feathers from the sky.

We didn't build a snowman - it was the wrong kind of snow. Too powdery. Instead we had the mother of all snowball fights in the back garden.

Hubby was working from home because of the traffic chaos and so - around about lunch time we all donned wellies and woolies and out we went.

It was boys versus girls which was a bit mean as I'm the only girl - and it's fair to say I got smashed by several good 'uns - but I can't remember having so much fun.

Afterwards we all came in, exhausted and breathless and numb with cold, and hubby made cheese on toast.


Sunday, 10 January 2010

What's my problem with thank you cards?

Every year it's the same. I just can't motivate myself the write the damn things. My family have never bothered with them at Christmas time - maybe that's the reason - but hubby's side are very keen.

Every year I buy a pack of pretty cards with the best intentions but can never quite motivate myself to write them out and send them.

Now here we are again, well over a week into the new year and they're still sitting on the kitchen table making me feel guilty.

OK - it's time to stop procrastinating and get on with the job!