Sunday, 6 December 2009

Pets R Us

Amazingly we've accumulated lots of pets!

For ages we didn't have any - then suddenly last February we decided to get a couple of hens. It was a spur of the moment thing. One Friday night I happened to say that I'd quite like to keep hens and to my surprise hubby agreed. That was it, the next day I persuaded him to convert the shed into a chicken coop - and by 5pm I was the proud owner of two Rhode Island Reds!

By July hubby decided he'd quite like a fish pond. So being the handy kind of man he is, he built one and we bought about fifteen assorted types of fish. Some died, but we still have at least ten - they're very difficult to count!

Then a miracle occurred and we got our gorgeous dog back who'd been re-homed over two years ago - circumstances have changed so I am once again able to provide him with a good life with lots of company and decent (almost daily walks... (ie: I don't go out to work full time anymore!)

Then yesterday my eldest stepson arrived with a hamster. He's not so keen on cleaning out the cage regularly and has asked me if I can look after her here - so there we have it... two hens, ten(ish) fish, a dog and now a hamster.

Hurrah! At last we're a real family again!


  1. Ahh how lovely you have your dog back!!! Your a braver woman than me, we don't have any pets....yet, maybe when the girls are a little older and can help out with them i'll reconsider.

  2. I bet you were relieved to have your dog back. I'd love some chickens but council won't allow. I just have my two lovely cats.

    Julie xx

  3. Thanks for the comments. I do love having pets around... they all mean more work - but they're worth it in the end!