Tuesday, 3 November 2009

My dog ... the latest...

Well he's still languishing in the kennels. I called yesterday fully expecting to hear that he had been collected by his new family - but no - he was still there waiting.

I've filled hubby in on the details and told him that I've said we'll have him back if his new family no longer want him. He gave a forebearing smile. The kind that said, "The things I have to put up with!" But importantly, he didn't say I couldn't have the dog back.

I've yet to tell the kids. There's still a chance that the new owners will collect him and I don't want them to be disappointed. I did ask them if they remembered him and they did - but only vaguely - and I think their memory is more to do with the pictures of the dog rather than the dog himself.

They have to keep strays for seven days before they can be re-homed so apparently I can collect him tomorrow morning if he's still there.

Already I'm wondering whether he will have changed. After all - I have no idea what his life has been like for two and a half years. He had such a friendly personality. I hope he's still the same.

Also I'm hoping that my kids will love him again. I'm dreading O saying he's scared of him or something like that. Labradors are quite big dogs after all.

The worst thing of all is that I've set my heart on getting him back now. If his new owners do collect him I'll be so disappointed.

Oh well - only 24 hours to go!

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