Monday, 16 November 2009

A Poem

Here's a poem written for the kids in honour of our dog!

Our dog

Our dog is stout and fearless,
He’s never, ever scared.
He’s the leader of the pack
No dog can be compared.

He’s not afraid of dragons,
Or pits of poison snakes.
Or monster dogs with fangs;
They never make him quake.

He could wolf down any wolf,
Or guzzle up a bear,
Or scoff a shark for supper,
Our dog – he wouldn’t care.

He’s brave as any lion,
No canine could give more.
His heart is made of iron,
He’s a chocolate Labrador!


  1. Awwh! He sounds super! And what a wonderful poem for him. Have you read it to him? I'm sure he's appreciate it. I have two cats and they're often forced - I mean they volunteer - to hear whatever I've written!

    Julie xx

  2. Thanks Julie, Yeah I made the dog and the kids listen to it - my poor kids sat there with plaintive expressions "Oh no, Mum's written another poem!" - dog wagged his tail - which I took as a good sign. xx