Thursday, 5 November 2009

Oscar comes home

Finally, after a very long and nervous week of waiting, our dog is home!

Two and half years have gone by since we last saw him and we are all delighted to get him back.

My initial reaction was that he was looking a bit older, a bit fatter and had a few more grey hairs... but then I realised he was probably thinking much the same about me.

He seemed a bit confused when I first collected him but it didn't take him long to remember me and when he arrived at our house, he ran straight to the back door.

He seems to be very much at home and in some ways it's like he's never been away.

I have to say I am delighted to have him back. He's brought a huge burst of happiness into our home.

The children are really delighted and have completely fallen in love with him. O does remember him slightly, but D doesn't - although he's seen so many photo's of him he has a sort of 'false' memory of him.

They are constantly calling him, stroking him and playing with him... and because he has such a lovely placid nature - he's loving all the attention.

Hubby raised his eyebrows slightly on first seeing him, but then grinned. I think he's pleased. He looks pleased, but says, "I'm just happy that you're happy!"

I regret giving him away two years ago. It feels like a mini-miracle has occured to bring him back into our lives; but if we'd had him here all along, the kid's would have just grown up with him and taken him for granted. Getting him back, like a new dog, now that they're old enough to appreciate him is really special, and to see how kind they are to him and how easily they have fallen in love with him makes me feel really proud of them both.

My step children will be here this weekend. They remember Oscar well and have often said that they missed him. I know they will be delighted to see him again and I'm really looking forward to seeing the happiness on their faces when they see that our dog Oscar has finally come home.

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