Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Why is it so hard to say no?

That's not to say I didn't spoil them - I gave them loads of treats and took them places and looked after them - but I was always able to say no if I thought something wasn't good for them.

I was particularly strict about food. My youngest stepson is really fussy - always has been. He hates fruit and veg - loves biscuits, sweets and crisps. Getting him to eat a balanced diet was an enormous challenge - and we battled it out between us over the years bargaining the healthy stuff with the treats.

I can remember being appalled by the ingredients in some snacks and absolutely forbidding them.

Now I don't know whether it's just because I've got softer as I've got older or whether it's a maternal thing - but I find it virtually impossible to say no to my own kids if they really love a certain type of junk food.

I'm still quite strict about the balance of healthy stuff vs junk - and they do eat fruit and veg - but if they plead for something which I know I would have refused my stepkids - I cave in pretty easily. (Which makes me feel like such a hypocrite!)

In short - I guess I'm not the sort of parent I thought I would be. Are you as strict as you thought you'd be - or do you find it impossible to say no to your kids too?


  1. I think it's swings and round-a-bouts, Mum in a Muddle! We try to be strict but life gets in the way. As long as the kids are growing fine and have energy to run about I try not to stress about it!

    No one's perfect!

    Julie xx

  2. nah, not at all. I'm such a pushover it's quite pathetic. A smile and a please and I'm usually handing over a biscuit. sigh.

  3. Hi Julie and Heather... agree with you both - as long as they're healthy I'm happy and it's the big puppy eyes that get me every time. I used to accuse my husband of spoiling his boys (my stepkids)and now I'm just as bad myself!

  4. Hi, Mum in a Muddle!

    I've awarded you a Beautiful Blogger Award!
    See my blog for details.

    Happy beautiful blogging!

    Julie xx