Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Why rich people make me feel crap

I know this shouldn't be the case - and I know the problem's with me and not with them... but whenever I see rich people I feel really crap.

Of course this doesn't happen much. I live in a small town and there's no glamorous shops and not much money on obvious display... but last weekend my husband took me to a very posh hotel in London. It was a charity do and his company had sponsored a table so we got to go to the party and stay at the hotel. (Rare night out without the kids who stayed with Granny!)

It was fabulous and I loved every minute of it... except for the first few moments when I walked into the reception area. Everyone looked exceptionally well groomed, well dressed, well heeled.

It seemed to me that everyone else had this wonderful sense of self assurance and I... well I just wished for a Harry Potter style invisibility cloak.

Suddenly, every shred of confidence drained away and I was painfully aware that my luggage was old and tattered and that my little Next anorak (that I love) could not compete with the beautiful, dressy fur jackets and long, expensive coats. That's of course not mentioning the jewellery and the shoes and designer luggage.

I'm never going to be able to compete with that level of wealth (I'm as poor as a church mouse's poorest relation at the moment) so I guess I just need to get over myself but I did wonder how the £56m lottery couple will feel in about a year from now once they have acquired all of those trappings. Will they feel equal to the posh people in the luxury hotels and restaurants - or will something still feel not quite right inside?


  1. I think being self assured and confident has very little to do with how rich you are, Mum in a muddle. I know what you mean, though!

    Who knows how wealthy they actually are and how badly in debt they really are - they have a longer distance to fall than the rest of us and I think the recession has shocked and affected a lot of people.

    It's a front, some of it - they give the illusion that they are wealthier than they really are and I certainly wouldn't want their credit card bills every month!

    I came from a poor background. I lived in a council house - we never had a car, or all the latest gear, but we were happy. One has to ask how 'happy' the supposedly 'rich' really are. I used to scoff when I heard the phrase 'money can't buy you happiness' yeah! Right! But now I don't think it does, neccessarily. It would be nice to not to have to worry about money but would I be any happier if I won the lottery millions? I'm not so sure!

    We shall stay poor church mice and be proud of it together!

    Julie xx

  2. Thanks Julie - you always make me smile! x