Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I told you I was in a muddle...

Life has been muddled to say the least.

I have written nothing on this blog for almost a month mainly because of the total chaos ... how does everyone else cope?

I am constantly amazed to see everyone keeping up their blogs despite kids and work and ironing and shopping and ... well when do you sleep that's what I want to know? Boy I could sure use those eight hours doing something more practical!

Anyway - mid-Feb resolution... blog more!


  1. I will lookk forward to your posts - but I think you should only blog when you really feel you have something to say - life is busy :)

  2. See I can't even spell look properly - that's what comes of doing too many things LOL

  3. Hi Suzanne, You're right of course - but often there's things swilling around in my head and I just don't get around to writing them... I think I need to start a campaign to get more hours into a day! (without the extra tiredness of course!) xxx